The Transpersonal in Practice

Tutor: Mark Hartshorn

The word “Trans – personal” can be translated as “beyond personal”, or beyond the ego.  This workshop takes participants on an exploration of how to use their own transpersonal self in relationship with their clients.  Additionally the day will explore a range of interventions which will help clients to access their transpersonal self and how connection to this aspect of themselves can help them to make decisions, find resolution to problems and find meaning and purpose in life.  The day is likely to be of particular interest to participants who have an understanding of and interest in spirituality and how it can be used in counselling work.

Mark Hartshorn

 “I have been working with people in a therapeutic way for around twenty years.  I draw upon the Gestalt, Transpersonal and Spiritual approaches to life and therapy to inform my practice.  I am currently a co-tutor at Heartwood and also see clients privately.  I look forward to sharing the day with you and hope that together we can pool our knowledge and resources in a fun and informative day”