Somatic Resourcing - Monica Khosla

Developing resources could be said to be the cornerstone of all effective therapeutic work. Somatic resources (‘somatic’  meaning of, or relating to, the body) include techniques, experiential understandings and capabilities (including being able to access things like a sense of safety, strength, energy, ease, response-ability or calmness) that arise in relation to our physical bodies. This can involve awareness of bodily sensation, movement, breathing, posture, the interplay of imagery and thought with the body, and more. As therapists, we not only look to identify and build upon our clients’ existing resources, we also need to develop our own resilience, creativity and capacity to be with whatever arises in the therapy room.

This workshop offers practical exercises to discover what may (or may not!) be somatically resourcing for you and your clients, and look at how to cultivate this further. We will also explore a simple model of the nervous system that can help to make sense of what is going on.

                                                            Monica Khosla

Monica is an experienced BACP accredited counsellor, trauma therapist and supervisor. Since first qualifying in 2005, she has pursued her interests in trauma, mindfulness and the nervous system, and trained with world experts in the field.