Finding and Integrating Self-Esteem

Tutor: Mark Hartshorn 

Many therapists and clients suffer from low levels of self-esteem and self-worth.  This undoubtedly impacts upon our practise and on client’s lives.  In this workshop we will explore the subject of self-esteem with a view to increasing our own self-esteem and learning techniques which can be used with clients.  The day will begin with an exploration of what self-esteem is and will continue with experiential exercises which will facilitate participants personal understanding of their own level of self-esteem and how it might be increased.  The workshop will help participants to understand how levels of self-esteem can be linked to their lives and the choices they make in all areas of their life.  There will also be time for an exploration of how our own self-esteem impacts upon our work with clients.

The day will be a fun and enjoyable journey through the subject and is suitable for participants at all levels of training or practice. 

Mark Hartshorn:    “I have been working with people in a therapeutic way for around twenty years.  I draw upon the Gestalt, Transpersonal and Spiritual approaches to life and therapy to inform my practice.  I am currently a co-tutor at Heartwood and also see clients privately.  I look forward to sharing the day with you and hope that together we can pool our knowledge and resources in a fun and informative day”