The Happy Brain

- an introduction to nutrition for mental health

Tutor: Jane Hutton

This workshop looks at what creates, maintains and disrupts brain function governing a whole spectrum of issues affecting mental and emotional well being. Understanding how the body and brain work, how what we eat (or don't eat) impacts on mood, motivation and personality, and how to eat to protect our mental health, are the foundations achieving and keeping a happy brain!

Jane Hutton runs Trinity Holistics, a unique kind of health practice which has developed over a number of years, evolving into a way of enabling people not only to seek treatment but also to arm themselves with knowledge so that they can heal themselves and their loved ones. The use of food and nutrients in healing and preventing illness is a passion, with nutrition for mental health, weight management and children's health being specialities.

"I came to study nutritional medicine over 15 years ago after a health crisis lead me into finding natural ways to heal myself. Our physical, mental and emotional health need to be in balance for us to really be healthy and happy, and with the right knowledge, I believe anyone can take charge of their health and happiness!"