Introduction to Therapeutic Approaches of NLP

Tutor : Dr Claudius Van Wyk

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is about the self-reinforcing relationships between our thoughts, and feelings and the language we use to describe our world. It is from that integrated sentient space that we engage with the world in our actions and responses. Understanding that holistic relationship offers opportunities to creatively influence in those thoughts and feelings that undermine our ability to experience the world, and consequently our lives and relationships in the most empowering and joyful way. In this one-day workshop a theoretical context will be established and two methodologies introduced that form the core of NLP transformational approaches: 

  • Reframing negatives perceptions – conscious and unconscious
  • Anchoring powerful alternative states – and establishing triggers for their future access when most required.

Dr Claudius Van Wyk

  • Master Practitioner of NLP, a registered practitioner of Ethno-medicine (SA) and a Member of the Scientific and Medical Network (UK).
  • A director of Transformational Strategies Ltd that offers training and facilitation in personal, community and organizational transformation.
  • Developed and co-presented the short course ‘Holism and  Leadership – Transforming Organizational Practice in an Age of Uncertainty’ at Schumacher College where also serving as visiting lecturer to MA students in Economics of Transition on complexity theory and economics.