One Day Workshop with Dr Claudius van Wyk

An introduction to applied psychosomatic medicine – exploring the science of


On Saturday 27th September at The Heartwood Centre, Dartington Space

From 10.00am - 4.30pm, Cost £50 


What is actually going on with psychosomatic diseases where people get sick because of stress? More importantly - what is going on in spontaneous remission - where people suddenly get better without medical intervention from life-threatening illness?

And amazingly - what is going on with the placebo effect when people get medically validated beneficial effects from for example taking sugar tablets when they believe they are taking the real thing?


All of this points to a huge field of possibility for therapists. Claudius van Wyk offers an introduction to psycho- neuroimmunology (PNI) - the scientific study into the phenomenon of the effect of thoughts and feelings on the effective functioning of the immune system. He'll deal with how thoughts and feelings compromise the immune system thus affecting our physical health. He'll work with the question of how a counselor can help enable the client to apply them. He'll explore how a therapist can identify what kind of thoughts and feeling can boost the immune system - thus promoting health and healing.

Throughout Claudius will offer the empirically validated theoretical framework and offer the appropriate NLP tools to be employed.

The Facilitator

Claudius holds master degrees in organizational behaviour (his study was into the role of organizational mind into organizational wellness) and also in applied ethics. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine awarded him a doctorate of science degree for his research into the required shift in the scientific paradigm to engage with consciousness as a real factor in wellness and healing. He has addressed numerous conference on the subject and has had papers published in various journals. Claudius is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network.



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“Claudius was inspiring. He taught with such enthusiasm and vigour. I loved the stories. We shared a lot, we learnt a huge amount, and we laughed – more NLP please.”

“I really enjoyed the day. I felt very engaged and stimulated. I look forward to using the information in my work with clients. Thank you for what you do and sharing it.”

“The exercises we did with our peers were extremely useful and informative – simple transformative tools for change.”

“I learned loads and feeling rather optimistic and encouraged about life... Some great discussion and food for thought. Loved the mixture and way of learning and story telling and interaction with the group. A great atmosphere throughout the day… held my interest all the time.”