Moon Medicine

Jan Dilkes – March 10th 2012

Are you intrigued......?  I hope so.  I have worked with the moon for many years, exploring and researching the influence and therapeutic value of the moon phases.  Around 2 years ago, I introduced my findings into therapy with much success.      

During the workshop day, you will explore the moon phases and the effect that it “potentially” has on our mental health, and life.  You will learn how to utilise those phases as a tool to explore and release the past and goal set for the future.

The day will include creative, practical work along with a well-grounded approach to therapy.  It must be stressed that it is both a creative and a solution-focussed approach.

All participants will gain enough from the day to start utilising this method for themselves and others.  All I ask is that you have an open mind to possibilities..... you might be surprised.  You will need pen and paper.... and of course, that all-important curiousity.