Mental Health and Wellbeing

Tutor: Monica Khosla


As therapists we can sometimes be so busy focusing on problems and issues that we lose sight of the inherent health of our clients. At other times, we might be trying so hard to help our clients or ourselves to feel better that we sabotage wellbeing by creating more stress.


This workshop will be a day to explore what mental health actually is, how to recognise it and what engenders it. The day will include a mix of simple neuroscience, experiential exercises and group discussion.


Please wear comfortable clothing as there may be movement, lying down or going outside (weather permitting).

Monica is an experienced BACP accredited counsellor, trauma therapist and supervisor. Since first qualifying in 2005, she has pursued her interests in trauma, mindfulness and the nervous system, worked with many clients and trained with world experts in the field. 



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