Level 3 Life Coaching Studies

Course Content Information

The course follows the CPCAB 7 units, which explores:-

Working within an ethical framework

Establishing and maintaining a relationship in which life coaching can take place

Working with understanding of difference

Working with clients to set goals, facilitate hope and motivation

Working with self-awareness and demonstrate ability to apply life coaching concepts to self

Working with theories of life coaching and change

Working self reflectively

The course will include:-

Learning how to help clients to set achievable goals and explore blocks to success

Exploration of self-esteem and its link to achieving goals

Strategic planning skills

Exploration of motivation and passion

Focusing and attention

Looking at mind sets and their influence on success


Self care

Models of life coaching 

New for 2015!

Level 3 Certificate in Life Coaching Studies 

This qualification enables students to apply life coaching and management skills in order to:

  • Work with clients to support positive change and personal development
  • Understand their client's "process of change"
  • Incorporate life coaching knowledge and techniques in their current work

You will learn how to create a trusting and ethical professional relationship with clients and work with them to support positive change and personal development.  

Creative exercises will develop your understanding of the theories that underpin the process of change. You will deepen your self-awareness and look at personal challenges as well as gain insight into the nature of human relationships, strengths and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as the blockages to living one.

The course will provide space to explore the nature of success, self esteem, how to change rigid mindsets and to learn how to set effective goals with clients that are founded in hope rather than false hope.

Accredited by CPCAB Click for more info!

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At a glance...... 

  • Cost: £650 including VAT @20% and CPCAB fees
  • Frequency: Approx fortnightly
  • Duration: 13 sessions
  • Entry Requirements: Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (or equivalent) or complementary subject e.g. health and social care
  • Next Start: January 25th 2015
  • Enrolment:  Application form and £144 deposit
  • Assessment: Internal and external