Louise Page

Combining the techniques of ancient Shamanism and modern psychology, the intention of these experiential days is to introduce some of the principles and techniques of journeying, allowing you to create a deeper sense of connection with nature, sacred space, your inner guidance and landscapes, and the Shamanic upper and lower worlds.  Each day has two or three journeys, led by Louise, combining her knowledge of shamanism, transpersonal psychology and the Celtic cycle of the year.  There is also time for sharing and witnessing each other's learning, and reflecting on and recording our experiences.  Please note – these are stand alone workshops and students can attend either one, or both. 

Day 1 – February 25th

On this day we will journey to the upper and lower worlds to connect with our highest and deepest wisdom.  We will spend time in our own inner, sacred space and meet with the guides and aspects of ourselves who make up our inner circle of power and protection.  We will journey to meet a power animal and a higher self guide. We will

also explore the elements of air, fire, water and earth and investigate our relationship with these elements.

Day 2  - March 17th

On this day we will journey to inner sacred space to connect with our highest and deepest wisdom. We will investigate the balance between light and dark, male and female, being and doing, giving and receiving, activity and stillness by journeying to the temples of the sun and the moon.  We will journey to meet and balance different aspects of ourselves.  We will use journeying to help us release that which is no longer helpful, and reclaim personal power and energy that we may have lost or given away too readily in our lives.