Making Friends with Intervention

Tutor: Mark Hartshorn

When working as a counsellor we need to use interventions to build the therapeutic relationship and to aid the satisfactory completion of unfinished business.  Sometimes as counsellors we can feel nervous or afraid of using some interventions and so hold back from offering certain interventions which could be really useful to our clients.

In this workshop we will explore some really useful interventions which have been used to facilitate client’s awareness and growth and practice using them, as well as learning to trust our own intuition when it comes to offering a therapeutic intervention which could help a client.

We will identify personal blocks to using intervention and aim to replace nervousness and fear with confidence and trust in our own ability to use intervention effectively.

Come along and practice some familiar intervention and learn some new ones and gain increased confidence in your practice.  The workshop is suited to counsellors from all therapeutic approaches but will draw mainly upon Gestalt theory and experimentation.

Mark Hartshorn: “I have been working with people in a therapeutic way for around twenty years.  I draw upon the Gestalt, Transpersonal and Spiritual approaches to life and therapy to inform my practice.  I am currently a co-tutor at Heartwood, a Director of Simply Counselling in Plymouth and also see clients privately as well as teaching spiritual and personal development at my centre in Saltash.  I look forward to sharing the day with you and hope that together we can pool our knowledge and resources in a fun and informative day”