Heartwood Specialist Diploma in Gestalt Therapy 

Course Content

This Heartwood Specialist Diploma is designed for counsellors/psychotherapists who would like to integrate Gestalt Therapy into their practice.

This course reveals the secrets to becoming a proficient Gestalt therapist; you will learn the techniques and specialist knowledge which makes Gestalt therapy so immediate and profoundly deep.

Gestalt continues to be one of the most dynamic and powerful approaches in therapy; on this course you will learn to work with a range of unique Gestalt skills and techniques which bring creativity and vibrancy into your therapeutic relationships.

We will draw from the works of Perls, Zinker, Reich, Satir, Yontef, Buber, and Houston and will show how these tried and tested methods can be adapted into modern therapeutic practice to allow a deeper client – therapist contact to occur even in short term therapies.


Over the ten sessions we will engage fully with the powerful transformative use of metaphor and learn to design ‘Gestalt Experiments’ which raise clients awareness and can result in clients being mobilized and able to fully contact their world. You will learn how to work with unfinished business and how to use the Cycle of Experience to move clients out of ‘stuckness’.

You will become familiar with using: visualisation, body work, breath work, creativity and experiments in your practice along with understanding the value of the ‘Here and Now’.

How the course is taught

This is an experiential training with specially designed exercises to deepen your understanding of the models taught and fully embody the Gestalt concepts. We will use mini lectures, group discussions, demonstrations and handouts to aid your learning.

Course tutor

The course is taught by Leigh Smith who has over ten years experience as a Gestalt therapist and trainer. Leigh is the Director of Heartwood and feels passionate about Gestalt Therapy; she holds up to date qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and teaching, is a BACP member and runs a private practice.

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Course: Heartwood Specialist Diploma in Gestalt Therapy

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Location: Dartington

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