Fiona Parr

Focusing was developed when Professor Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago worked with Carl Rogers in the 1950s and 60s. He researched the question: 'Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, and not others?'  He and his colleagues studied tapes of hundreds of therapy sessions and made an important discovery, that successful therapy clients had a vague, hard to describe inner awareness; a bodily felt sense about their problems. Paying attention to the 'felt sense' in specific ways proved to be the key component of successful psychological change. Gendlin discovered how to teach this skill, which he called 'Focusing'.

The day will entail presentations, joining in with group discussions, watching demonstrations and exploring how Focusing can be useful to you and your therapy practice. You will try out Focusing in group-guided exercises and pair or small group work. The day is highly experiential, and you will have the opportunity to find out how Focusing could be relevant to your own life as well as deepening and enhancing your practice.

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Fiona Parr

Fiona is a practising Counsellor, Focusing Practitioner and teacher; and has trained in Focusing-oriented Therapy. She offers individual Focusing sessions and teaches Focusing to groups. She has a depth of experience and knowledge and trains people to professional level.