Approaching Fear

Tutor: Monica Khosla


An opportunity to gently and safely open towards an experience that both therapists and clients often (consciously or unconsciously!) seek to avoid. Whilst some manifestations of fear such as dread or terror tend to be pretty obvious, we may not always recognise that it can also be fear that underlies more subtle feelings such as unease, tension, or craving distraction. Fear of fear and other emotions gives rise to suffering, anxiety, stress, and a wide range of defensive behaviours.

The aim of this workshop is to increase interest in, and understanding of, what happens in the brain and body in relation to fear, and to start to develop practical skills and resources that can help with this.

Monica is an experienced BACP accredited counsellor, trauma therapist and supervisor. Since first qualifying in 2005, she has pursued her interests in trauma, mindfulness and the nervous system, worked with over 300 clients and trained with world experts in the field.