Energy Management

Tutor: Louise Page

Skilful management of our energy and resources - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, makes a huge difference to our own well-being and that of our clients.  The day will focus on skills of grounding, centering, relaxation, mindfulness, anxiety management, visualisation and inner journeying that can help you to harness, focus, clear and direct your energy in the most life affirming way.  We will also explore techniques for preventing waste or draining of life force energy. The skills are for personal use by therapists in their own self care and maintenance and for sharing with clients

Louise Page

Trained originally in Gestalt Louise now works as an Integrative Therapist and Supervisor in private practice in Mid-Devon.  She provides a safe, compassionate, relational space based on over 20 years of experience in private and hospital settings, drawing on various approaches including transpersonal, Mindfulness, Inner child work, NLP, TA, CBT and person-centred.