The Breath of Life

Jane and James Schindler-Ord 

Breathing is something that many of us often take for granted, although it is something we do every moment of our lives. Our breath is closely connected to our emotions and can be a direct expression of them. However, this is can be a two way relationship and we can learn to express our emotions and take control via our breath.


As a therapist, to notice the client's breath patterns and rhythms is often the key to their implicit processes. It can guide therapist and client to what the client is feeling on a deeper level. By working with the client's (and our own) breath, processes can start to emerge and evolve.


By coming on this workshop you will be spending a day learning about the relationship between yourself as a therapist, your client, and their breath.


Jane and James Schindler-Ord

Jane Schindler-Ord is a counsellor who works privately with individuals and couples in her private practice. She also works as a counsellor for the NHS and for a local young persons charity.  James Schindler-Ord offers counselling and psychotherapy privately to individuals and couples and offers clinical supervision to other therapists and professionals. He also works occasionally for a local young persons charity.