Working With Body Process

Tutor: Stephen Tame

We have always known in our guts, that feelings, thoughts, stories and wounds are held in minds and bodies together…. that body movements, sensations, impulses and posture have meaning, power and resonance.

This workshop is a chance to start to explore how we can work with this knowledge - how we can support our clients to use body sensations and experiences as vehicles for growth and healing.

The workshop will combine experiential exercises with theoretical input, and the possibility of supervision on client material. 

Stephen Tame: “As an experienced Body Psychotherapist, my passion is to create the safe conditions for the body-mind to heal. I have worked with adults for many years, and have been employed as a therapist within the state education system. Although I have training in a variety of therapeutic approaches, my roots are firmly in Embodied Relational Therapy: a synthesis of body psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy and process approaches.”