Attachment and Therapy

Tutor: Willow Dicker

Attachment is a fundamental aspect to the formation of the human psyche.  This workshop will outline and define what attachment is and how it is formed, looking at influential attachment and developmental theories.  We will explore what happens when a secure attachment is not formed, how and why this happens, and the different types of attachment disorders that can arise.  We will look at the attachment difficulties that can occur in both adults and young people, and explore ideas around how to work therapeutically with them.

Willow is currently practising as a supervising social worker for a private fostering agency.  She has five years experience as a social worker, working in both front line child protection and fostering agencies.  She has been a family practitioner in a children's centre.  She has a BA (Hons) Social Work and and completing her Advanced Diploma in counselling.  She is passionate about working therapeutically with children who have experienced early trauma and their consequential attachment difficulties.  She works one to one with children in care, as well as supporting the carers to deliver therapeutically led care.