Archetypes and Symbolism in Therapy

Tutor: Mark Hartshorn

In this experiential workshop, we will draw upon the ancient wisdom of the tarot and Jung’s archetypes with the aim of discovering more about our own ego and unconscious.  People have consulted the tarot since around the 15th century for insight and guidance.  Jung’s Archetypes offer us an insight into our own relationships and in particular the hopes and expectations we may have around them.  This light hearted and fun workshop will bring these two themes together in a way that will provide insight and understanding which can be used in our counselling work and in our personal lives.

Mark Hartshorn:  “I have been working with people in a therapeutic way for around twenty years.  I draw upon the Gestalt, Transpersonal and Spiritual approaches to life and therapy to inform my practice.  I am currently a co-tutor at Heartwood, a Director of Simply Counselling in Plymouth and also see clients privately as well as teaching spiritual and personal development at my centre in Saltash.  I look forward to sharing the day with you and hope that together we can pool our knowledge and resources in a fun and informative day”