Working with Anger

Tutors: Jane and James Schindler-Ord 

Anger is healthy, yet expression of anger in our society is often frowned upon, thought of as unhealthy and discouraged. This leads to suppression or inappropriate expression of anger. Some clients come to therapy to directly deal with anger, but often the client may have come to deal with grief, relationship problems or other issues, and as the therapeutic process advances, anger emerges.  This workshop will explore anger, and how as therapists we can best facilitate our clients to explore and express their anger without fear or prejudice.

Jane and James Schindler-Ord

Jane Schindler-Ord is a counsellor who works privately with individuals and couples in her private practice. She also works as a counsellor for the NHS and for a local young persons charity.  James Schindler-Ord offers counselling and psychotherapy privately to individuals and couples and offers clinical supervision to other therapists and professionals. He also works for a local young persons charity.